Couples in Crisis

Dear Couple,

You just found out a devastating secret that your partner has been holding onto. You're sad, angry and you literally don't know if you want to continue in your relationship. You love your partner but cannot believe they've hurt you this much!

Or perhaps, you've endured misery for years and you're at a point where you've seriously considered ending the relationship. You don't know if you can leave it, but you also don't know how you can take it anymore! You might be confused, frustrated and perhaps even paralyzed.

If these sound like you - you're the right candidate(s) for our Couples in Crisis program.

Couples in Crisis will help you determine if you want to stay to make it work and how you can move forward after being so hurt.

CiC is a multiple-hour-intervention to help stabilize your relationship or help you to determine if you need to put the relationship to rest. Typically, it will require the couple to make accommodations to come to St. Louis for 2 days and one night for about 8 hours of time spent with the therapist (up to 12 hours, depending on the severity of the presenting issue).

Please reach out to us directly so we can make sure you get the appropriate care you need.

We're trained with the latest research and tools to help you make your relationship the vibrant and beautiful one that you've envisioned. We believe that you don't have to hurt anymore...We believe there's a Better Way.